We are reference in logistics and transportation solutions, adding technology through strategic partnerships, with innovation and agility.

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More than 30 years of experience and knowledge in Logistics and Transportation, Logplena execute all projects effectively.

We solve problems with innovation and assertiveness, seeking a customized solution to the needs of each customer, reducing Operation Cost with agility and transparency.


Promote logistics and transportation solutions with efficiency and excellence, interacting with customers in order to minimize impacts on the highway.


Be a reference in logistics and transportation solutions, aggregating technologies through strategic partnerships with innovation and agility.


Ethics, transparency, innovation, integrity, commitment, agility and organization.


We operate in all spectrum of the Supply Chain, Logistics and Transportation. We have accurate and customized solutions for daily transport and logistical challenges.
Traffic Laws and Regulatory Legislation
Operate with the foreseeability of traffic laws and regulatory standards, divergent interpretations of the Brazilian Traffic Code, CONTRAN Resolutions.
Special Cargo Combination and Special Cargo Transit Permits
Issue Special Traffic Permits ensuring that the vehicle combinations meet regular weight and size limits, attesting to compliance with traffic laws and avoiding legal infractions and penalties.
Interaction and Relationship with Transit Bureaus and Agencies
Operate with Transit Bureaus and Agencies, defining the operating strategy and follow-up necessary to meet the demands of the Brazilian Transport Sector.
Highways Feasibility
Conduct studies for feasibility with safety and effective ways to carry out transport, respecting the technical and normative standards.
Regularization of Access
Establish safe operating conditions for access areas with minimum safety visibility, adjust traffic conditions in acceleration and deceleration lanes, road level intersections according to the maximum permitted speed.
Highway Service Level
Project for Traffic Volume Calculations, use Daily Average Volume, ensuring comfort and safety to users through studies of traffic determination and future characteristics of traffic.
Reports and Technical Studies on Highways and Vehicles
Flowcharts of traffic design intersections, equivalent number “N” and / or other elements required for pavement design.



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